Underwriting Guidelines

Support and Underwriting Regulations / Guidelines

Businesses, Churches and Service providers can support KFUN  Radio and obtain on air recognition 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Support of KFUN Radio is tax deductible and we are a 501(C)3.

Who Can Support and Underwrite with KFUN Radio:
Businesses, Churches, or organizations who want to support KFUN radio and our Charities. KFUN radio Network located in Hanford Ca. by underwriting or sponsoring a portion of our program you can receive “on-air” acknowledgement of your support through an underwriting announcement.

What Does Underwriting include for sponsorship:

Name of Your Business
• Address
• Telephone Number
• Years in Business
• List of products and/or services your business provides

What Underwriting CAN’T include :
• No price or dollar value can ever be given for tickets, merchandise or services.
• Cannot suggest: you or you’re the best, finest, only etc.

Samples that meet’s non-commercial criteria :
“The following programming is sponsored by, home of the…, located at…..”

“Funding provided by, “This hour of music was made available by Your Business Name”

Special Musical Group will be appearing in concert at the (Your Place) on Friday Night, Month, Day at Time.

Admission is $ Cost. For reservations please call Your Number or go to www.your website.

“We appreciate the contributions of (your name)” “The sponsor of our program offers additional services, resources by inviting you to attend (whatever event) ”

“Bob’s Burgers” home of a awesome menu is now offering daily specials and featuring Live Music on the Weekends.

For time and information. please see www.(your website ) or by calling by (calling your number) or both.”

Our Professional Team will assemble a professional audio track that’s pleasing to hear and contains all the required information.