Giving to “KFUN” Radio is Easy


Your ongoing monthly or one-time donation help keep Kfun programming on-the-air in your community and streaming on the internet 24/7!

Here is our stated Mission and Purpose:

*Provide a common resource for news, music, entertainment, local features, and information.

*Encourage the free exchange of information, resources, culture, and wisdom.

*Develop an educational track for students and adult volunteers to learn broadcast journalism, multimedia, business management, computer
skills, administrative and related skills.

*Assist in making our community a better, healthier, more pleasant place to be.

Reasons to Support Kfun Radio

GIVING BACK* The simple truth is: We can’t do what we do without your help.  Our listeners are the ones that  help keep Kfun Radio on the air.

*Your support helps keep your station on the air.

*We support the local business by donating to your local charities.

* We continually support your local organizations through public service announcements.

*We provide on the air local and national shows and talent.

*We keep you updated with accuweather, and local news and information.





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